Are you a tour guide?

Join our Affiliate Program

Earn extra 500€ each month!

Unlock the next level of value you can bring to your customers. 

As our tours reseller you recommend boat tours to the group you are ending your tour with. 

For every successful recommendation we give you 20% commission for your effort. 

Just a little recommendation can earn you extra money every month. Whether your clients have only a few hours to spend in Bratislava or lots of free time, our boat tours fit each taste.

How it works for a tour guide? 

1. Let us know you are interested by e-mailing us at affiliate@boatride.eu

2. Join one of our tours for free to experience our boat tours yourself.

3. We will give you a resellers’ promo code and give you simple instructions on how to use our simple online booking system.

4. You will receive our promotional flyers and material for easy recommendation to your customers.

5. At the end of each month we check how many bookings were made with your promo code and you will receive 20% of the total value of your bookings for that month.

How it works for the customer?

 1. You recommend to your clients that they should take our boat tour. Some of them are interested so you give them the details of the boat tours. You kindly ask them to use your promo code while they are making the booking. Or you help them complete the booking online on their phones.

2. After the booking is complete your clients will receive invoice and boating ticket to their e-mail address. They can easily find the boat tour start location by GoogleMaps or with your guidance.

3. They enjoy the boat tour!


Your given promo code is attached to the sale and your commission is tracked. 


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